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LMC Roofing is your expert Metal roofing contractor proudly serving Texarkana, Texas and surrounding most areas.

Before installing metal roofing

Before installing metal roofing

Rustic Red Metal Roof - Ashdown, Arkansas

Rustic Red Metal Roof – Ashdown, Arkansas


Choose the Right Roofer / Roofing Contractor

When you need a roofing contractor, Consider LMC Roofing & Construction first. They use only the best materials, and have the an outstanding reputation for Quality,

and they are backed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating, so you know that you can entrust them with your home.

Your roof is the most important part of your home and living in Bowie County, you need to get hold of the best local roofer available. Metal Roofing holds your homes interior temperature, it stops extreme heat from getting in, it protects from all kinds of weather systems that Mother Nature can throw at it, and it completes the structure of your home. Using metal roofing on your home, you can enjoy a fire resistant and impact resistant unit that has a warranted life expectancy of 30 years although it will last much longer.

The metal roof panels look smart, they have a reflective coating so the intense heat that we get bounces off and stops the inside of your home from becoming a sauna. What’s more, in terms of safety, LMC Roofing’s metal roofing materials have been awarded a Class A fire rating so you know that your home is protected.

Your roof is your # 1 protection from mother nature

Compared to shingle roofing, you will see that metal roofing is around 50% lighter and that means that it is easier and quicker to install plus it doesn’t require the shingles to be torn-off. When it comes to hiring a Professional roofing contractor, you just need to check out the reviews on LMC Roofing & Construction for more information.

License # 0236670113

LMC Roofing specializes in Residential and Commercial Metal Roofs.

“I believe your roof should be installed with the same Quality and craftsmanship as the roof on My own home.”

~ Leon McCauley

“You should expect no less from any roofing contractor.”

What are You Looking For in A Roofing Contractor?

While there are many roofing contractors out there, one which sticks in your mind is LMC Roofing & Construction. They not only claim that their metal roofs are good for 30 years but their manufactures back it up with a replacement warranty. Having that much confidence in your product is something that needs to be commended, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has awarded LMC  an A+ Torch Award for performance, trust and integrity.

2011 Torch Award - LMC Roofing & Construction - Texarkana, Texas

2011 Torch Award – LMC Roofing & Construction – Texarkana, Texas

Having a Metal roof is a trend that is growing very fast and with the technological advances in roofing technology you can protect your home better than ever. Think about it, when you hire LMC a Texarkana roofing contractor you will get best possible outcome, with a metal roof that will you for many years.

Even if you forget about the 30 year guarantee, a metal roof can reduce your insurance premiums by as much as 26% and it can slice your home energy usage down by up to 30%. That’s why when you hire a Professional roofing contractor like LMC You are getting the very best quality that will pay for itself in spades over the years.

 We deliver Quality affordable Metal roofing to YOU!

Metal Roofing is all we do!

We have the experience to do it right the First Time!!!

LMC Roofing uses only Energy Star Certified Metal Roofing products

Reflective Metal Roofing used by LMC Roofing & Construction

Reflective Metal Roofing used by LMC Roofing & Construction

Metal roof materials are superior to shingle roof materials in a number of ways:
Expected life.  Metal roofing should last as long as the home it is installed on, sealing out water and surviving high winds. Metal is fire resistant and does not rot. The manufacturer’s replacement warranty is for 30 years.
Weight. Compared to a shingle roof a metal roof weights about half what an additional layer of shingles weigh this makes a metal roof lightweight. Most types of metal roof systems may be applied over one existing layer of shingles without the need for tear-off
Fire resistance. Because our metal roofing materials are noncombustible, they are given a Class A fire rating (the most fire resistant rating).
Heat transfer. Metal roof paint coatings reflect radiant heat from the sun lowering your attic temperature. We recommend a radiant barrier insulation between the roof deck and the metal roof materials to additionally increase the energy efficiency of the metal roof.
Minimal roof pitch. A variety of metal roof materials can be installed on most low slope roofs without any concern of leaks


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