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Roofing Testimonials

Roofing Testimonials

 from our Customers

LMC Roofing & Construction

roofing testimonialsMetal roofing is a smart financial choice if you want to eliminate the need to install a second or third shingle roof in your lifetime.

A  new energy efficient Metal roof from aexperianced and professional metal roofing contractor will save money you this year and for  many more years to come.
Read roofing tesimonals from some of our highly satisfied costumers. We appreciate the wonderful roofing testimonials.
LMC Roofing uses only the best metal roofing materials available and our roofing testimonals prove it,
roofing testimonials  100% of  these roofing testimonals recommend this professional Metal roofing Contractor for your next roof replacement.

Metal roofs are very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. According to studies conducted by the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, reflective metal roofing materials can save up to 40 percent on summer cooling energy costs, but we go a step further by offer solar insulation. We recommend it under every residential metal roof we install. The solar insulation can reflect 97% of radiant energy striking it which standard fiberglass insulation can not do.  It can reduce your attic temperature up to 40 degrees! It should significantly lower your cooling costs during the summer.

Metal roofing, a fastest growing roofing product in America, is a smart green roofing alternative to the conventional asphalt shingle roofs. While asphalt shingle bakes in the sun and drives heat into your home, metal roofing reflects solar thermal radiation helping you save anywhere from 25% to 40% on your cooling costs. The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is only seventeen years. The asphalt shingle roof may require re-roofing every ten to twenty years. A Metal roof can easily last well over 30 years providing energy savings, and reliable protection for your home.


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LMC Roofing & Construction
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 23 reviews
by Debra Dennis on LMC Roofing & Construction

I think you guys did an awesome job on the roofing. You really enhanced the buildings.

by Tim Brown on LMC Roofing & Construction

Leon is very knowledge on the types of different roofing materials and helped us determine which was the best for us. We selected the class 4 with a complete tear off and insolation. We had 6 different bids and Leon's beat them all for what we wanted. The difference between the bids was as great as $8,000!

Our roof is rather large and Leon's team, lead by Shannon, worked straight through the weekend to it's competition. The workmanship is flawless from the street.

We highly recommend LMC for your new metal roof!

by Morgan Rowe on LMC Roofing & Construction
Great Work

Want a good job done right on your roof? They are the best. Great crew. At a fair price.

by Perry hack on LMC Roofing & Construction
New roof

Very good work roof was done in a day happy with the Quality will use again for out buildings

by Chris Brooks on LMC Roofing & Construction

I am very pleased with the quality of work with LMC. All this time I could have been saving on energy cost. With the solar guard from LMC my air will shut off so now I can begin to save on energy cost. Thanks to LMC with the quality of work they provided for me my family and home. I would recommend LMC to anybody if YOU want quality work and friendly service and quality materials.

by Eugene Randell on LMC Roofing & Construction

LMC installed a metal roof on our home in May, 2013. We were very pleased with their professionalism and roofing knowledge. Mr. Leon was there every step of the way to make sure every activity was done correctly and to the satisfaction of the customer. I highly recommend this company for any and all of your roofing needs.

by Luster Harris on LMC Roofing & Construction

WOW!!!! is an understatement but its the first thing i said when i looked at the finished product, i had no idea it was going to be all that it is and im truly overwhelmed with the quality of work that Leon and his team has put out. Im pleased with all the fine details he puts into it and i know i made the best choice for the job. Call Him Now!!! if you need a new roof, Leon is the ROOFING KING and you can take that to the bank...

by R Williams on LMC Roofing & Construction

Mr. McCauley and his crew are corteous, respectful, have a professional disposition and very good at what they do. As I watched them, I was impressed with the little extra, unseen things they do during installation. I could give several examples, however I will limit it to one: caulking under the lap joint seams to prevent water seeping under the lap. I am very happy with my home roofing installation and would recommend Mr. McCauley, without any reservation, for your home.

by Jim & Jackie Friend on LMC Roofing & Construction

LMC roofing arrived at the time they said they would be there. All the men were very professional while working on the job. Leon McCauley is also a professional running his company and crew. I can say he will do what he says he will do, and you won't have to double check the work of the crew because he is always there to supervise and see that everything is done at his spec's. Excellent Job Guys I can't say enough to express what awesome work you have done for us, Jim & Jackie Friend

by FM 1840 Resident on LMC Roofing & Construction

They arrived at 7:15 AM and left at 2:25 PM. In this time they stripped off the old roof and completely installed the new roof with insulation, and also hauled away the old metal. The kynar finish is definitely worth the extra few $s. What more could you ask for? The price was also very reasonable!

by B Reid on LMC Roofing & Construction

LMC Roofing was able to take care of a leak in my metal roofing that another contractor had installed in August of 2011 and would not return to fix the problem. I tried another contractor and he did not resolve the problem. Called LMC Roofing and he was able to find my problem and get the situation resolved. Very satisfied with this company!

by don kruse on LMC Roofing & Construction

Leon and his crew did a great job on our roof,came out when he said he would,finished the same day.They are workaholics,only took one break,we are proud of our new roof,we will recommend them to anyone who wants to improve there home.

by Stanford Construction, Inc. on LMC Roofing & Construction

LMC Roofing did an outstanding job for us. We will recommend LMC to anyone who needs metal work. Leon is a professional and he will go the extra mile.

by Dennis Buster on LMC Roofing & Construction

L M C was very professional, honest,hard working, works with you and your insurance,and friendly witch means alot to me. We love our new metal roof. It matches ( wife"s requirement) everything very well. Would I recomend them to a friend ?. Yes allready have. Thanks Leon and your crew for another job well done

by Hannah Rae on LMC Roofing & Construction

LMC not only provided a safer, waterproof roof for my mobile home, but improved the look of my property tremendously! I've told people what my roofover cost and they have been very impressed. Thank You.

by Chase Miller on LMC Roofing & Construction

Leon worked with my insurane to get me a new energy efficent metal roof for about the cost i would have paid for a simple shingle roof plus LMC installed solar guard insulasion that has lowered my erergy cost at least 30% Thanks LMC

by Jessica Roldan on LMC Roofing & Construction

LMC Roofing installed a metal roof on our home in October of 2009 and did a fantastic job. They were lower in price than anyone, friendly, and quick. I would recommend them to anyone. We will definitely be using LMC again.

by Lee Talaska on LMC Roofing & Construction

Who would ever thought that a metal roof pricing would compete against an asphalt roof? Metal roofing looks better, lasts longer, better value for the money, discount on homeowner's insurance, energy cost reduction, and peace of mind. Metal roofing outdoes the other. Great job Leon!

by Tony McElroy on LMC Roofing & Construction

Leon was very knowledgeable about metal roofing. He added a top on my porch and ramp, and he did a GREAT job. LMC Roofing will be who i call when i need a new metal roof on my house.

by Ray Addington on LMC Roofing & Construction

Leon was very responsive to questions and requests from the first phone call onward. Immediately provided an estimate in writing and was very knowledgeable regarding materials and installation techniques. Work was completed ahead of schedule, at the estimated price. I highly recommend Leon and LMC.

by William Turner on LMC Roofing & Construction

Very nice and pleasant workers. Leon is a great man to work and deal with. Quality of work was superior. Great clean up afterwards. Very fast, foof was installed in one day. Thanks Leon.

by Leon N, McCauley Sr. on LMC Roofing & Construction

LMC and his crew were the most conssiderate guys i have ever had to do work on my place. Thay clean up after the job and respect your property. The workmanship is just the best and thay are a pleasure to be around. I gave them a 5 star rateing for Price, workmanship, completion of project, clean up and politnes.

by Kaye Tompkins on LMC Roofing & Construction

Mr. McCauley has done 3 or 4 jobs for us and each time he and his crew was very timely, polite and the quality of work is more than professional. Any more work I have I will call LMC Roofing & Construction. I really enjoyed the kindiness and they were so polite, and to top it off the job was superior!

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