Roofing Solutions

A fully insured metal roofing contractor, LMC Roofing & Construction offers exceptional roof installation services. We believe in quality craftsmanship and getting the most value for your hard-earned money.

Kindly call us at (903) 798-1775 for a personalized metal roofing quote. We offer factory-direct pricing on the roofing solutions we provide. This means that you get the best possible service by paying less!

Residential Roofing

Installing a metal roof will help you cut energy costs, help the environment, and protect your home. At LMC Roofing & Construction, we will work to help you get a new metal roof that will fit your need and budget.

Our metal roofs are durable and weather-resistant. They can withstand nature’s elements, including fire, wind, and water and can outlast other roofs on the market today. Additionally, they are rated by ENERGY STAR for energy efficiency and are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to be the strongest roof you can install on your home.

Once you have a metal roofing system installed, it can keep your home looking new for years. In addition, by having a class 4, UL certified metal roof at home, there is also a chance that your insurance provider may offer you up to a 25% discount on homeowner insurance.

Reflective Metal Roof

The highly reflective cool metal roofing colored panels are created with special pigment paints that reflect the sun’s energy. Our solar insulation for metal roofs is energy-efficient. It can help cut cooling costs up to 30%.

Metal Roofing

Compared to other nonmetal roofing products on the market today, Metal Roofing is available in a variety of colors. It provides greater energy savings and resists cracking, shrinking and eroding. Additionally, it can repel hail, high winds and wildfires.

Total Metal Exterior

Metal exterior for newly constructed homes is energy-efficient. In addition, it is maintenance-free, so you won’t have to worry about getting the exterior repaired or reinstalled from time to time.

Galvalume Metal Roofing

Do you want to spend less on your residential property’s roofing system? Galvalume metal roofing is a way to get the benefits of a metal roof at a lower cost.

Commercial Roofing

At LMC Roofing & Construction, we take pride in our commercial metal roofing systems that are fire-resistant and leak-free. You can be assured that the products and equipment at your business won’t be at risk of being damaged when you have a hard-wearing metal roof installed at your property.

We have installed metal roofing systems for several commercial properties, including:

  • Churches
  • Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Airport Hangars
  • Motels

Prompt Roofing Installation

So many shingle and asphalt roofs require replacement and maintenance, which can be costly. Additionally, doing these regular repairs and constant installations takes a lot of time.

As a business owner, you need as little downtime as possible and make the most out of your days. LMC Roofing & Construction can install a wind-and-water-resistant metal roofing system in such a short timeframe.


LMC Roofing & Construction has a manufacturer of roofing metals that offers a replacement warranty of up to 30 years. Installing one at your property will really be a great investment on your end as an entrepreneur.



Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam commercial metal roofing is a concealed fastening roofing system that provides ultimate protection from storms with high winds and hail. It prevents roof leaks and other damages.